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And You May Find Yourself (2015. Sleepers Publishing) is the hilarious and harrowing account of an émigré in Melbourne, in search of a job so that his young family can live, and desperately at odds with his new-found role as a father and bread-winner. Living in his in-laws' lounge room with mounting disgust growing between him and his wife and a tenuous hold on an emotional connection with his two children, Paul's life is cramped, poor, and seemingly adrift from the future he thought he would have for himself. 

"A fascinating and startlingly frank exploration of contemporary masculinity." James Bradley, The Australian.

“Honest, raw, hilarious, melancholic. Impeccable writing. Compelling storytelling. Paul Dalgarno writes like The Blue Nile’s Paul Buchanan sings. Quite a ride.” Catherine Deveny, writer and comedian.

"In this unflinching examination of his life, Dalgarno grapples with his father's legacy and the dark side of being an Aberdonian." Fiona Capp, The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Haunting in its honesty. Dalgarno's depiction of the difficulties of a new country, new job and new family is compelling." Michelle See-Tho, The Daily Review.

"Dalgarno writes with hostility and anger, but the prose is often tender, and always candid […] Tiny tragedies are drawn with weight and sensitivity." Daniel Juckes, Australian Book Review.

"For proof that in capable hands drama does not need the largest of stages and that everyday lives contain multitudes, look no further." Edd McCracken, Book Riot.

"This story is as real as it gets and all with an internal soundtrack playing quietly in the background: When it comes it changes your life." Declan O'Reilly, Writerul Books.

"Whether it's dealing with a second-hand rustmobile for a car or grappling with the hateful relationship he has with his own dad, Dalgarno's candour is humbling." Thuy On, The Sunday Age.

"A moving book with moments of hilarity and a real ability to engage. [...] Paul’s book has changed me." Clint Greagen, author.

"Honest, entirely original, and often hilarious – one man’s coming to terms with his new country, and himself.” Gay Alcorn, Guardian Australia.




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